Unlock a life of fulfillment and peace as I guide you on a journey to resilience, emotional healing, professional accomplishment and sustained transformation.

  • What's really holding you back?

  • How long have you said, "I'm not ready yet?"

  • What experience got you stuck in the mud?

  • Who failed to live up to expectations that caused you emotional distress?

  • Where could you be 30, 60 or 90 days if you finally committed to getting Unstuck and Unlocked?

Your journey to transformation starts here. Tavia Jackson

My name is Tavia Jackson

I've been through the emotional rollercoaster of single life, family life, married life, work life, and spiritual life. I've been stuck in the emotional state of "why me" when life threw a curve ball and "why not me" when things didn't go as planned. I don't consider myself an expert in all matters of life, career and faith, but I do know how to help women get Unstuck. Unlocked and Unstoppable because I conquered one of the most stubborn--myself.

As a committed Christian, marine, and experienced corporate professional, I understand the challenges of balancing personal growth, career aspirations, and emotional health. My transformative coaching program is the result of years of expertise and unwavering dedication to helping others navigate their paths to self-discovery and empowerment.

Unleash Your Potential

My comprehensive program encompasses five key modules, each tailored to guide you on a transformative journey. Unmask your hidden wounds, build emotional resilience, unleash your potential, thrive beyond limitations, and learn how to sustain this transformation.

  • Unmasking Hidden Wounds

  • Building Emotional Resilience

  • Unleashing Your Potential

  • Thriving Beyond Limitations

  • Sustained Transformation.

Journey of Resilience

Even though I'm no longer on active duty, as the saying goes, "

Once a Marine, always a Marine

." Marine bootcamp isn't for the faint at heart. It is brutal on your body, mind and your emotions. During this process, I learned quickly that the next drill doesn't wait for you to recover from the former one. Actually, the goal is to compound physical, mental and emotional difficulty so that you either bow out or level up.

Marine bootcamp is designed as the foundation for defending our country against formidable enemies. I didn't realize that God used the Marine Corps to prepare me physically, mentally and emotionally for the battles to come and the battles that already lie dormant. You don't have to quit on your marriage, kids, career or yourself. You can get Unstuck. Unlocked and become Unstoppable.

Real People. Real Transformations.

I receive messages like these all the time...and I'm grateful.

"Tavia is a great coach and I have deeply valued her direction, compassion, and consistency. I would not have the business acumen, success in personal and professional relationships, or the courage to pursue my goals without her unwavering support."

Crystal Currie,

Licensed Trauma Therapist

"In my first call with Tavia, I walked away with a wealth of knowledge, confidence, and ideas that I could implement immediately. My belief, and overall self worth has shifted tremendously and I know I have Tavia to thank for that!"


Charlotte, NC

"If you are looking for a phenomenal coach to help you unlock your potential and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life, I recommend Tavia Jackson. Her expertise, empathy and patience makes her an exceptional coach that I feel privileged to have worked with."

Alicia W.

Charlotte, NC

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